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About Copyright Releases for Content

Draft: January 27, 2010


Thank you for your interest in using one or more resources from my Web site, This site reflects thousands of hours of work on my part and that of the contributions of others. We appreciate your interest in the site, hope your have benefited from it, and would consider contributing yourself.

What am I looking for?

My primary objective is to receive credit for my work or those of the contributor, and to let anyone looking at your work know where the content came from. I do not want any resource you sue to be a “dead end”. I want the reader to believe they could find this resource and possibly more on my Web site through the use of a source citation. I also want them to know the content is copyrighted and used by you with my permission.

My intent is to encourage the reader/viewer to go to my Web site for more information. Without a credit including the site, the resource is a dead end. Why not encourage others to have the same experience as you did when you found it on

I want you to be able to use any of the content of the site for your personal family history with advance notice. Any works that you wish to include resource(s) from my site must be for no financial reward directly or indirectly to you, nor will it be distributed through any commercial means by print, data transfers (CD/DVD) or on a Web site.

Using resources from

If your use is fair, reasonable and for a not-for-profit purpose, I will likely provide a copyright release, and may be able to provide higher quality resources than present on the Web site. This is why I request anyone interested in using the resources contact me in advance.

Facts are not copyrightable. The presentation of the facts can be. You are free to use any data such as vitals -- birth and death dates --without permission. However, the presentation of these is a creative endeavor and you cannot copy it wholesale and using it in your work. These include maps, photos, text and downloads.

Resources reused on any Web site must have advanced permission, even if the resources are made “private” by some means such as a password controlled directory. I also consider online genealogy sites, such as, to be a commercial venture.

A few items are presented on this site with a copyright release given to me from their owner and are marked as such. Some of the content has been provided to me with permission to post it on the site, but within it you may find a copyright notice and contact information provided by the creator.

All that I, or any of my contributors, want on a routine basis is credit for our efforts in a clear and concise way. This is usually provided through written correspondence and a requirement of a source citation.

What is a “source citation”?

A citation is a note that tells the reader/viewer where you got the image or text content and that you are using it with permission of the creator.

What kind of citation will I require you to publish a resource(s) from

Something such as:

Photo or other content courtesy of Charles A. Bliley of Copyright 2014, C.A. Bliley, Rochester, NY, USA.

This could be abbreviated is space is a major limitation, but I would like to review and approve anything different from this citation example.

What if I only use part of a photo or text resource?

If the image or text is an extract from a larger resource, like a clipping from a much larger photo, I would also like a notation that the image is part of a larger image with the URL or navigational aid to the source page cited. Such as “Photo or other content courtesy of Charles A. Bliley of Copyright 2009, C.A. Bliley, Rochester, NY, USA. Part of, 'The Lives and Times of Charles A. and Mary Jane Mead Bliley' ”. In this way, the reader can do a search on this term and find the original source on my Web site.

How do I request permission to use material from

Contact me by e-mail or letter. Indicate what you want to use -- preferably with a URL to the source on the Web site -- and how you want to use it. In turn, I will reply with questions and may require a sample of your work for review prior to final approval.

I would also like to know if the work that you create can be used on for the benefit of others visiting the site.

I genuinely appreciate your interest in the Web site and respectfully request your support in acknowledging its benefit to you.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Charles A. Bliley
736 Bel Arbor Trail
Webster, NY 14580



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