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Charles A. Bliley
November 12, 2010


The Lives and Times of Charles and Mary Jane Mead Bliley: A Scrapbook of Family Photos, Memoirs, Facts and Whimsy

Charles and Mary Jane Mead Bliley were my great grandparents. In July 2005, I created a small booklet for family members based on items which I collected in the previous couple of years.

This 26-page/3,500 word booklet is a collection of family photos, interesting facts, extracts from their memoirs, and historical information on the community in which they lived their adult lives. Included are family photos and photos of their farm on Station Road in Harborcreek Township, PA.

A PDF version of the limited-edition paper booklet is offered online. The PDF has many high-resolution photos which you can magnify to see the details more clearly than is possible with the paper version. This is a relatively large file at 13 megabytes, but I am sure you will find it to be worth the download time.

Bleile Ancestors in Germany Prior to 1834

Five generations of ancestors of Charles A. Bliley, 1822-1906, Harborcreek, PA who was born in Krozingen, Germany. Prepared and Copyright 2005 by David Moufarrege, Rochester, NY, U.S.A. Based on LDS Family History Files.

Descendants of Joseph Bleule

Prepared and Copyrighted 2001 by Kim O'Neil Schneider
(daughter of David O'Neil, son of Mary Grace Bliley, daughter of Joseph W. Bliley, son of Daniel Bliley, son of Sebastian Bleile)

Descendants of Andrew Coover, Sr.

The content of this file is the work of Ed Caudill as of March 16, 2001. It may be freely distributed to family researchers for not-for-profit purposes. Please send Ed Caudill and e-mail message with corrections, additions or comments on its content. Ed's e-mail address can be found within the file.

Mead Genealogy Resources

Below are several resources other than the Darius Mead family story on this Web site.

1876 Maps of Harbor Creek and Greene Townships, Pennsylvania

These maps were made from the original 1876 Atlas of Erie County, Pennsylvania and identify land holdings with family name and acreage whenever practical.

They were originally copied on a Xerox copier, then the copies scanned on the computer at 600 dpi for maximum clarity and saved in the Adobe Photoshop native format. Down-sampled versions of these master files are provided in TIFF and JPEG compressed versions. Photoshop-native formats are available on request.

The images are offered as is to historical societies or similar organizations to archive and for research purposes. Qualified users may offer copies in print or digital form for personal use by the historical/educational society members or others outside the society as long as they agree to the terms of this agreement. The images cannot be used for any other purpose without the permission of Charles A. Bliley.

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Green Township, Pennsylvania, 1876 (Page 78)

JPEG Format

TIFF Format

Harbor Creek Township, Pennsylvania, 1876 (Page 66)

JPEG Format

TIFF Format

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